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  • Thursday, July 30, 2009

    SkyWatch Friday; Columbus moon

    A few nights ago I was able to capture these photos of the
    waxing crescent moon. All pictures were captured with my
    Olympus attached to my tripod. I used the night setting for the
    first picture. I wasn't pleased because it clearly wasn't what I saw
    in the sky. I switch to auto without a flash and slightly adjusted
    the ISO. Now that's what I was looking at when I saw the moon in
    the south Columbus sky. Enjoy

    *Click images to enlarge


    Sara G said...

    Great moon shots!!
    Happy SWF

    Michele- Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

    Those are very good. I don't do well at moon shots, not at all =)

    foto CHIP *Birgitta* said...

    Amazing moon shots! Thanks for sharing :)
    Have a nice weekend!

    Martha Z said...

    Great shots, I still haven't gotten a moon photo I'm pleased with.

    clairz said...

    Beautiful shots, thank you for sharing them and for the technical explanation, which is most welcomed.

    Gaelyn said...

    Excellent moon shots. First one is interesting but too washed out. Great captures.

    Carol said...

    Great moon shots...interesting the different looks...the first shot shows a shadow of the full...

    Regina said...


    Arija said...

    Ha, I actually recognised what you were looking for and had done from the pictures. Well done. Its not always easy to get the moon the way we perceive it.

    Melusine said...

    Awesome captured of the moon!

    Dan said...

    Impressive! I agree with you, the first one, a little to bright I think, the two other, like I said impressive;-)

    Yasemin said...

    I love them all, and really like the bright one too!

    Babooshka said...

    These are terrific. Moons are not easy at all.

    JOE TODD said...

    Moon River, wider than a mile,
    I'm crossing you in style some day.
    Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
    wherever you're going I'm going your way.
    Two drifters off to see the world.
    There's such a lot of world to see.
    I like your moon shots. Thanks