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  • Monday, August 3, 2009

    My World Tuesday; Shootin' the moon!

    It seems I've been obsessed with the moon lately. Specifically, getting a
    really detailed photo. I captured these pictures on Friday. The first 2 just
    before dusk, it was around 8pm. I set the Olympus on auto with the flash off
    and proceeded to adjust the compression ratio. I could see very little, if any
    difference. After I transferred the first batch and was completely unsatisfied with
    what I saw. Then I noticed the moon was a bit brighter and it was just after dusk (9pm).
    Since I'd already drug all my equipment back in the house and I didn't want to
    clean my lenses again (humidity was at 95%, yuk), I decided to set up the
    tripod in the kitchen and shoot thru the window.

    *Click images to enlarge


    Paty said...

    great capture, it´s perfect!

    The Good Life in Virginia said...

    great captures of the moon.
    have a lovely evening.

    James said...

    Very nice moon shots.

    Babooshka said...

    These really are excellent. You patience and obsession are paying off. Never easy to shoot the moon but you have nailed these.

    Dirk said...

    Great shots of the moon, many details to see, not easy, well done!

    Barb said...

    Glad you're on moon-watch! I don't have a tripod and could never get such clarity & detail. Lovely moon shots! (And I like that you tell how you got them.)

    Anonymous said...

    I've been seeing the moon often lately, but haven't really captured it.

    Full moon's coming up though, so be ready with your camera :)

    Swarna said...

    Some effort - that paid off. I can almost make out the man on the moon... :)

    Marites said...

    wow! those are impressive shots and even look mysterious. My world is here

    Arija said...

    Not at all easy, is it. I can only get a shot with good definition in a daytime shot. If you are shootin on automatic, it works better with the flash on. Your are then tricking the exposure and will get slightly more definition or colour if the moon in low in the sky.

    Janet Creamer said...

    Very cool. I have quite a few nature buddies in Columbus and Delaware, OH.

    Gabor said...

    It's funny - i was thinking about this only this afternoon. We have a full moon tonight here in Australia. I was wondering if you peeps in the North see it as well - obviously, you do.

    Moon peaked at full tonight here - thurs August 6. Full as it can get.