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  • Thursday, July 16, 2009

    SkyWatch Friday; Helicopter in the sky

    Once in a while a loud aircraft, of some kind, will fly over our house.
    We live very close to Rickenbacker Airport and we get to see all types of
    planes flying over our heads. This, however, was a police helicopter. And
    if you enlarge the second picture, you can see an officer leaning out looking
    at the ground.

    *Click images to enlarge


    Guy D said...

    Excellent photos, great captures of the chopper.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

    Petit Eyekiss said...

    Nice shots of the clouds, the chopper the lamp and the trees at the same picture.

    J Bar said...

    Sydney - City and Suburbs

    Sara G said...

    Great photo's
    Happy SWF

    B SQUARED said...

    Must have been important for him to do that.

    Will said...

    Great capture of the chopper. Nice photos.

    Babooshka said...

    That's a great catch of the helicopter.

    Erin said...

    wonder what the officer was checking out...
    great captures.

    one of the things i like about where i now live in virginia is the absence of helecopters...they can be very noisey when they are hovering over an area.

    have a wonderful weekend.

    jabblog said...

    Great shots - we often have aircraft of various sorts - civilian, military - flying over. Always interesting!

    Barb said...

    I think the officer was doing reconnaissance on your house. You might be on the evening news!

    Viola said...

    Beautiful sky and clouds! And yeah.. I saw the officer, hehe.. :)

    Jenn Jilks said...

    We have had a lot of choppers around, too!