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  • Thursday, June 11, 2009

    SkyWatch Friday; Lighting

    I'm posting this again for SkyWatch Friday. Last week Mr. Linky had
    some problems and I was shutout.
    The first picture is the original, unaltered shot.

    I used my Olympus Master 2.0 program "auto-correct" to lighten up
    the pic and I found it a bit more dramatic. Which one do you prefer?

    *Click images to enlarge


    Guy D said...

    Wow great captures.

    Have a fantastic weekend
    Regina In Pictures

    Eric(NL) said...

    Love both pictures, bu i think the first is the best!!!

    Have a nice Skywatch Friday!!

    Carol said...

    These ARE great captures! I like both ...I think I like the darker better....I think it's amazing you caught this.

    Arija said...

    More superb captures Janice.

    The camera I use at present is a Nikon SLR D40X with an 18 - 135mm lens. I also have a 300mm as well for things further away. Some of my photos are still from my old Pentax and tiny Camedia. Both of those were very light, which was all I could carry before my aortic valve replacement.

    Anonymous said...

    I was lucky enough to catch some lightning the other night for the 1st time, but not stikes - it was off in the distance & lit up the western sky.
    You captured a beauty here! Great shots!

    Your EG Tour Guide said...

    Congratulations! You can't imagine how many times I've tried to capture such a shot. ;-)

    Adrienne in Ohio said...

    WOW! This is an amazing shot! I have never had any luck photographing lightning. (That's partly because I am still rather frightened of it--hard to photograph the sky if you're hiding in the closet.) Happy Skywatch Friday!

    Syaa_Fiqq said...

    Both are stunning. But, the altered one i prefer more. Great capture. Have a nice weekend..

    Squeaksdaddy said...

    I think I like the lighter one best...Great captures! Have a great weekend...

    BPOTW said...

    Awesome catch! They both have their own character.

    Terrence said...

    I'll be going for the original version. Nice'n dark...Have a good weekend!

    janice said...

    Thank you, everyone, for all your comments. I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to post.

    Babooshka said...

    Fantastic timing. Great captures.

    Barb said...

    You must have snapped at just the right second! I've never been able to get a shot of the lightening. I like the lighter version.

    Karen said...

    I like the first one ..it looks more natural and dramatic.

    Congratulations on capturing the lightning !!

    Very cool !!