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  • Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Another lightning capture...

    The weather in central Ohio has been chaotic lately to say the least.
    We were informed, via the local PSA station, that we were under a
    thunderstorm warning. While Nick (and I) readied our garage for the weekend
    community garage sale, I lugged both cameras with me to capture the lightning
    that was sure to accompany the thunder. We found out later that this bolt actually
    hit a tree one street away from our home.
    I'm happy to report I was able to capture 10-12 great shots in 400+ attempts.
    *Click image to enlarge


    Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

    I remember my dad sitting out on the patio for hours during storms back in Minnesota waiting to capture lightning on film. He never did, but seeing your photos sure brought back the memories. Not much opportunity for lightning shots here in Saudi, but I AM inspired to try! Thanks!

    janice said...

    SGIME, Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return to see the rest of the lightning shots. I have to spread them out over a few days. Some folks get bored, not me though. I love trying to capture lightning.

    Like your father, I'd sit for hours with a 110 or 35mm camera trying to get just one. All those wasted rolls of film, LOL.

    Thanks again for stopping by.