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  • Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Lightning captured....

    I was rudely jarred from my slumber last night when brilliant flashes of light made
    their way through the window shade. Earlier in the day I adjusted the settings on my
    Olympus Evolt E-410 so I wouldn’t find myself messing with it in the dark should we loose
    power again. I should have modified the Nikon L18 as well since that was what I used.
    I was able to capture 3 really good lightning pictures out of 75 attempts. If you want
    to see the others, check back next week for the SkyWatch Friday post.

    *Click image to enlarge


    JPT said...

    Good capture!

    Daily Chicago Photo said...

    Really cool - worth getting woken up for ;)

    janice said...

    Thanks JPT, and yes DCP it was well worth it indeed!

    Lisa said...

    This is amazing! You should submit this shot to the local weather station if they have a nightly photo type deal.

    janice said...

    Thanks Lisa, I should look into it.