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  • Friday, April 9, 2010

    SkyWatch Friday; Lighting up the Columbus sky

    Wednesday brought central Ohio a spring thunderstorm complete with lightning. I was able to capture these two photos with my Olympus Evolt. Enjoy!

    **Click images to enlarge


    GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

    Wow! Lightning! That is a really exciting capture. By the way, we're Sky Watch Friday neighbors.


    Bill S. said...

    Beautiful lightning shots. I always have trouble catching them. Great photos.

    Mary said...

    We had the same storm here! There was a lot of lightening! You got a great photo of it.

    Manang Kim said...

    Wow!! This is an awesome photo since it is not common to see a lightning photo. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!


    Regina said...

    Amazing skies and captures!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    charmine. said...

    These are splendid pics of the sky...good capture.

    Dewdrop said...

    Great lightning captures. It sure is a thrill to capture lightning. Be careful shooting it though. When thunder roars, head indoors.

    Kcalpesh said...

    It's so difficult to capture the lightning usually! Fantastic shots!

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    Tsofah said...

    It is good to see you here. Was concerned since I'm used to you posting elsewhere as well. I'll call off the Private Eye I was going to hire (chuckle)

    Seriously, glad you are well and taking wonderful pics!