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  • Thursday, September 3, 2009

    SkyWatch Friday; South Carolina Style

    These are a few pictures from the lake this past Sunday. I'm not sure of the name, so if any of you SkyWatchers know the name of this South Carolina lake with the private club called the "Pink Flamingo" at it's shore, please leave me a comment.
    We made it to shore before the storm.

    *Click images to enlarge


    luna miranda said...

    i'm loving the light shining through the clouds. great shots!

    JOE TODD said...

    Great photos and I love road trips and South Carolina

    Tricia said...

    Love the rays of light!

    Kanibag311 said...

    Amazing photos of sunlight piercing through the cloud.

    Artlover said...

    I like the sun radiating through the clouds from your photos.

    Carol said...

    Beautiful skies with the sun rays coming down...perfect for Skywatch...I'll be going to South Carolina this week end....hope to get some beach shots..

    LV said...

    Lovely cloud shots. Sorry I am not familiar with the lake you speak of. Nice post.

    susieofarabia said...

    Ooooh - so pretty! The sun rays make these pictures so special!

    GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

    I love the strength of those rays shining through.

    Light and Voices said...

    I just saw clouds similar to this in Hayward Lakes Wisconsin area. Golly, these are nice photos.

    Regina said...

    Beautiful rays. Nice captures!

    Arija said...

    You really have radiant skies this week. Beautiful.